Wilderness Center At Camp Jordan

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We are born not for ourselves but to help others. The Bangor YMCA Wilderness Center at Camp Jordan has been fostering friendships, changing lives, and creating leaders since 1908. We have established traditions and purposeful programming that encourages character building and leadership skills through the core values of honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility. Everyone is encouraged to take these life lessons home and contribute to their own families and communities. Our programs are formulated to reflect the appropriate challenges of each stage of child development. As youth grow and gain a sense of comfort within our programs, they are encouraged to try new activities and new programs to gain a sense of challenge and mastery.

Camp Progression

Often children who begin with our Sleep Away Camp rise through the ranks, challenging themselves physically on Adventure Seekers expeditions as they grow older, moving on to our LIT and CIT programs, and capping each summer as a teenager with the Leaders School experience. Our programs for older teens bridge the gap between finding one’s personal strength and being a responsible member of a home community. Our Wilderness Center’s camper diversity brings this conversation globally and fosters discussions among tomorrow’s leaders from around the world.

Life at Camp

The cabin group is the heart of our program, and we have recently made our cabin groups smaller to foster a closer bond between counselors and cabin-mates. Cabins eat together during each meal, participate in cabin challenges together, and spend “embers”, a time of reflection, sharing their day around a candle every night before bed. Veteran campers think of camp as their second home, a place where they feel appreciated, accepted for who they are, and at peace with themselves. It is our goal that every child develops this sense of connection with our community and our program.