Barracuda Diving Team

The Bangor Region YMCA Barracuda Diving Team strives to teach children how to be positive role models within the team and community. We instill the core values of honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility into our divers as well as help them build positive character values. We encourage each diver to develop at his or her own pace and collaborate with parents/guardians to provide the guidance and support each diver needs to succeed.

The Bangor Region YMCA Barracuda Diving Team competes year-round with open registration available to all new divers. We welcome children, ages 6 – 18, who are interested in the high-flying acrobatics of competitive diving.

Our Diving Team is a member of USA Diving, the national governing body for diving in the United States, as well as YMCA Diving. Membership in USA Diving is additional and necessary to compete in USA Diving Meets. Since there are minimum entry fees associated with diving meets, participation in these meets is optional.

New divers interested in joining the team area ALWAYS welcome!
Financial Assistance is available to those who qualify.