Aliex’s Acorn Scholarship

Download 2022 Application Form

“You plant some oak trees and you get acorns, and with those acorns you get more oak tress. It’s hard to beat.” ~ G. Peirce Webber

For kids entering K – 6th Grade and wanting to attend Camp G. Peirce Webber.
Scholarships recipients will RECEIVE ONE WEEK OF CAMP FOR FREE paid by Aliexandra herself. Application due June 10th, 2022.

Two (2) scholarships will be awarded. One to a child entering K – 2nd Grade and another to a child entering 3rd – 6th Grade.

“It is my passion and duty to give children an opportunity to experience the love, sense of self, and pillars of strength that the YMCA family has to offer. I am excited for the scholarship I have put in place, and am more excited to have an annual tradition of giving to these amazing kiddos.”~ Aliexandra Johnston

My name is Aliexandra Johnston and I am a long time community member of the Bangor Region YMCA. I was once a camper… a couple years down the line, I found myself an employee–that was back in 2013. I have been a part of the Bangor Region YMCA Camp G. Peirce Webber for eight summers in a row. I found a home and a family within this hidden gem.

Camp G. Peirce Webber has brought smiles, laughter, and rosy red cheeks to hundreds and hundreds of children. The impact of being a role model and a support system for all campers, has influenced and shaped who I am today. I am touched and grateful for having had such a nestled little spot at camp–while those smiles, laughter, and rosy red cheeks have nestled a little spot in my heart.

I have gained so much from the Bangor Region YMCA and Camp G. Peirce Webber that I want to pay it forward!

This is why I am offering a scholarship that will be awarded to two children–-one child from K-2nd, and one child from 3rd-6th. I ask that the children fill out answers to the questions (unless of course they need help physically writing), using their imagination, drive, creativity, and excitement for camp!

I look forward to continuing to give back to the youth of my community and sharing the wonderful experience that Camp G. Peirce Webber has to offer.