Tier Pricing Explanation

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Choose What You Pay!

Tier pricing is not income-based but is based on what your family is comfortable with paying. You choose what you pay and no additional paperwork is required! All campers receive the same camp experience regardless of the tier their family pays.

TIER 1 most accurately accounts for the true cost of operating camp including wear and tear on equipment and depreciation.
TIER 2 is a partially subsidized rate for those who can afford to pay more than just the basic costs associated with attending camp.
TIER 3 is an adjusted fee that covers just the basic costs associated with attending camp such as staff, salaries, and supplies.

Families unable to afford Tier 3 can apply for Financial Assistance. Funds are limited so apply early!

 Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Day Camp (K - 6th Graders)$249$229$219
Adventure Day Camp (5th - 10th Graders)$269$249$239