Donate Now 2018 Giving Guide

As a charitable organization, The Bangor Region YMCA has been providing opportunities for youth and families in the Greater Bangor Region for over 150 years! When you donate to the Bangor Region YMCA, you help to ensure that every child, teen, adult, and senior has equal access to the opportunities provided by the Y.

What we know for sure is that a stronger Y leads to a much stronger and more productive community. The below stories are just a handful of the countless ways in which our programs, staff, and members have allowed one another to live better and happier lives. Please take a moment to click on the below images and watch a short video about how the Y has impacted these wonderful people, making them stronger, more alive, and always knowing they have our love and support.



We are so proud to represent this magical community asset. Every day is such a joy to see our babies to our seniors, and every age in between, discover their passions and achieve their personal best. What a thrill it is to experience the happiness people feel just by being at our Y! It is our sincere hope that you will feel compelled to join us in keeping this magic going by donating to our Annual Campaign.

Ways to Give

Gifts of every level are crucially important! You can designate your gift to a program of your choice, and larger gifts have opportunities for community recognition. Please review our Giving Guide if you would like to learn about program designations or sponsorship, our incredible Donor Banner Program, and other ways in which we thank our donors and community partners. You can draft your contribution monthly, make a one-time gift, or even make an in-kind contribution. We hope to assist you in finding a giving plan that best meets your priorities. Please email Diane Dickerson, CEO, for more information, or give her a call at 941-2808.

Become a part of our Y Appreciation Donor Banner Program!

Individuals and businesses who donate $1,500 or more to the Bangor Region YMCA’s Annual Campaign will become a member of our Y Appreciation Donor Banner Program. Throughout 2019, we will display one of our Donor Banners in our Y with your name or company name on it, recognizing you for your generous support of our Y.

Donate Now

Planned Giving

The Bangor Region YMCA relies on the generosity of the community to help fulfill our role as a community leader in supporting children, adults and families in their lifelong quest for physical and emotional health. Planned gifts help to ensure that we will be able to continue serving our community in the future. Planned giving incorporates a variety of charitable giving methods that allows you to control the date of your charitable donation. Charitable gift annuities, bequest, life insurance, charitable lead trusts and charitable remainder trusts are among the many options when considering a planned gift to the Y. Your gift will assist the future Y community to experience all the opportunities offered at the Y. Memorial gifts may also be made in your name or the name of a loved one who was a fundamental part of our history.

For more information, email Diane Dickerson, CEO & CMO, or call 207-941-2808.

The YMCA Endowment

Showcase your kind generosity to the Bangor YMCA by supporting the YMCA endowment fund, or make a capital gift, or even subsidize a program. The choice is yours! Your financial support allows us to provide all of our members with outstanding programs that have helped to create everlasting memories and changed lives in the Bangor community.

Thank you for helping The Bangor YMCA strengthen our community!