Defend Together

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Defend Together is a gripping hour that burns a ton of calories and builds total body strength.

DEFEND TOGETHER is a gripping hour that burns tons of calories and builds total body strength. Tap into the newest mixed martial movements done in a rapid-fire pace to smash your cardio fitness. The workout combines cutting edge moves with thrilling music. (Defend Together used to be called Group Fight)

**Due to the current orders from the Governor’s Office, we are currently allowed to offer Outdoor and Virtual Group Fitness Classes as well as One-on-One Personal Training. All of our Virtual Classes will be available in our Bangor Region YMCA Group Fitness Facebook group. Members must join this group to gain access to the livestreaming of these classes. For our Outdoor Fitness Classes, social distancing with 9 members per class will be followed. Reservations are required. To reserve your spot, call the Y at 941-2808 the week of the class you want to attend. To reserve a spot for Monday classes, call the Friday before. Please remember to bring your own water bottle and a towel.**