Healthy Bones and Joints

Fun Never Retires!

Enhance®Fitness is now called Healthy Bones and Joints!

This is a 60 minute class for active older adults living with arthritis or similar conditions that may limit movement. Each class will include 25 minutes of low impact floor aerobics and balance exercises, 20 minutes of strength training, and 15 minutes of flexibility exercises. Exercises are carefully designed to reduce pain and increase range of motion through all the joints in the body in an effort to improve overall wellness.

Regular attendance may help improve strength, balance, and endurance, which can assist in performing daily activities as independently as possible. This is a slower paced class, and all exercises may be performed in chairs if needed or desired, and does not require participants to get down on the floor.

The Walmart Foundation State Giving Program provided financial support for the Healthy Bones and Joints, a Walmart Foundation Chronic Disease Program.

For more information, email Katie Mroz, Group Fitness Manager.