YMCA Mood Lifters for Seniors

“Taking part in Mood Lifters myself as a practicing geriatric psychiatrist, I felt everyone could benefit from these evidence-based multifaceted skills to improve mood, reduce anxiety and to live a happier and more fulfilling life. My 20 years of clinical experience has helped shape every chapter of Mood Lifters for Seniors as a guide for successful aging.”  – Susan M. Maixner, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Geriatric Psychiatry Program, University of Michigan Health System, Department of Psychiatry

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September 7th – December 21st, 2022

Wednesdays, 12:00 – 1:15pm
Must register by August 29th. Spots are limited.

At the YMCA, we believe in the importance of a healthy mind and spirit in addition to physical fitness. With this in mind, The Bangor Region YMCA has partnered with Mood Lifters to bring a new mental wellness program to area seniors. Mood Lifters for Seniors: a 14-week mental wellness program specifically tailored to the needs of adults ages 65+ to address challenges commonly faced in later life. Simply put, Mood Lifters for Seniors is a guide to successful aging.

Designed by leading Psychology and Psychiatry professor Dr. Patricia Deldin at the University of Michigan, Mood Lifters is a group mental wellness program for people who are ready to make positive changes in their lives. This includes those dealing with stress, anxiety and depression, as well as people who just want to get more out of life.

Meetings will be held weekly starting September 7th and last for 75 minutes. Each week, your group (8-15 people) will discuss the latest science related to a specific topic involving behavior, thoughts, emotions, physical health, and social connection. After learning about and discussing the topic, you will incorporate the strategies covered in each meeting into your daily life. The support from your peer-led group is just another ingredient in the recipe for improved mental health.

Meetings are online, but it’s easy to participate & YMCA staff will help out with any technology or internet needs you might have. The technology is secure and confidential, so your privacy is protected.

COST: $10 per person

For more information, email Vanessa Newman, Community Health Advocate, or call 207-941-2808 ext. 338.

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