Y Wait Testimonials

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Jerry B.:

“I wanted to reach out and thank you and all the other trainers of the Y wait program, it really has been a pleasure working with all of you over the last several months.

Before the Y Wait program, to say I was a novice when it comes to working out would have been an understatement. Sure, I had run on a treadmill a few times and dabbled in some lifting back in my younger days, but I had never taken part in a structured workout setting. I always thought I could figure out a way to get in shape on my own, and all I needed was the will to do it. Well maybe I could have, but I am so glad I decided to take the chance on the Y Wait program. Any nervousness or concerns I had about not being able to keep up, or not knowing the right techniques, were quickly realized to be accurate! However, your trainers were fantastic. They had me doing workout techniques that I have never heard of, but they were always willing to get their own weights or get on the ground with me and demonstrate the right way to do it, and they stayed on me to make sure I continued to do it right. If I took nothing else from the classes, I was glad that I was able to learn so many new ways to help me on my path to fitness and health. But that is not all I got from the Y Wait program. Your trainers pushed the classes I attended quite hard, my muscles hurt, I was out of breath, and was dripping with sweat after every class and I loved it! I felt a comradery with the people that were in the classes I took, we were all in it together, helping each other and pushing each other to work hard. The whole experience was great.

While I didn’t take advantage of the Healthy Habits sessions as much as I would have liked, I want to share that I think it was wonderful that this was included in the program. For me, the idea that you gave us other tools and habits to think about in our workout session was valuable and well received.

Once again Thank you and all the rest of the trainers at Y Wait program for your positive energy, your encouragement, and helping me feel stronger and healthier. I’m really not sure I could have started this journey without you!”