Courtney Rose Fitness & Training Manager

Bangor Region YMCA Fitness and Training Manager Courtney Rose has several nicknames including “CC, Cottonball and Court”. Her favorite quotes are: “Care, without carrying” and “You can’t pour from an empty glass, so make sure you are not neglecting to take care of yourself”.

Courtney’s role at the Y involves challenges and rewards. She works with individuals and groups of varied backgrounds and ability and loves the Y because, “Our organization and staff stand by the belief that our community will always come first. We put our whole heart, blood, sweat, and tears (literally) into everything we do because we want to show our love and support to those who help make our community great.”

Born and raised in Gardiner, Maine, Courtney was originally interested in a law enforcement or military career. “However, life had its own plans for me, which pushed me to discovering my love for personal training,” she says. “I have a long list of special people who have impacted me throughout my life. I’ve been impacted by individuals in both positive and negative aspects which has helped me to learn and grow in becoming who I wanted to be.”

Courtney most strongly connects with the Y’s core value of Respect, adding: “In my role, there are many reasons I find such deep respect for both our members and staff, however, I would argue one of my top reasons is the fact that everyone coming in has made the time in their busy schedules to do something good for themselves!”

When she is not working, Courtney loves to listen to music, work out, be near the water, snuggle on the couch with her husband and their dog, watch movies, and spend time with friends and family. And one thing people might not know? “My dog’s name is Tequila!”