Diane Dickerson CEO

Diane was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, to as she describes, “the two most wonderful people on the planet.” Diane followed her heart to Bangor and ended up also falling in love with Bangor and the people of this community, and now Bangor feels like home.

Diane comes to the Y with a lifetime of business experience, with her specialty being in growing businesses, strategic planning, fiscal responsibility, marketing, improving programming, branding, public and media relations, staff development and much more. Diane has dedicated her personal and professional life to helping others and giving back to the community.  She believes that the Y mission is in her DNA, and truly knows she is the luckiest person in the world to be the CEO of this “magical place.”  Diane says that being a part of the Y makes every individual a better, kinder, more accepting person, no matter if they are 2 or 102.

Diane has many years of community involvement including serving as the Chairman of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the University Medical Center Foundation, and Chairman of the Children’s Miracle Network, to name a few.

She joined the Y in 2013 as the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Marketing, Development, and Community Engagement. She became CEO in early 2014. Great changes have been made to the Y since that time, and Diane is quick to give the credit to the amazing staff, for which she is truly proud, and to the phenomenal Board of Directors.