Olivia Smith School-Age Programs Assistant Manager & Camp G. Peirce Webber Assistant Director

Olivia Smith swims like a fish so it is no surprise that her nickname is “Flounder”. The affectionate pet name stems from her time as former Aquatics Director at Camp G. Peirce Webber (CPW), the Y’s summer day camp. Now Assistant Director at CPW, Olivia also works in the Y’s school age program as Assistant Manager.

Olivia’s willingness to step up to new responsibilities is evidenced by her favorite quote: “Never let your fear decide your future.” She hires counselors and coordinators for CPW and each of the Y’s school age program sites, manages inventory, schedules staff, drives a van to ensure schoolchildren can get to and from Y programs, and jumps into programming if there is a need. In other words, Olivia is an outstanding multitasker. “Working at the Y helps me be a selfless person,” she says. “It’s so easy to get caught up in your everyday life. Saying hello to a member in passing, helping a child do their homework, or helping another department, the Y finds a way and gets things done. It’s not always easy but that’s what makes it worth it.”

Olivia loves to help children thrive. She has worked for three different day camps and two before-and- afterschool programs. “Watching kids grow in confidence, in themselves and their abilities, is one of my favorite things to be part of,” she says. “Here at the Y I have seen strangers become best friends, fears be overcome, but most importantly, a sense of community. When times are tough, we get to be the light at the end of the tunnel for our families.”

As a natural athlete, Olivia grew up in Calais, Maine, playing all kinds of sport from basketball and soccer to softball. She loves softball the most and played it at college. She has helped with sport clinics, practices, and coached a softball team over the years. “Sport brought me lifelong friends, mentors, and countless life lessons,” she says.

Caring is Olivia’s favorite Y core value which is why she cares so much about the region’s working families who need affordable, reliable Y childcare. “Our program hours are great for families who need to get to work early and work late,” she says. “They know their child is getting a healthy snack, planned activities, and mentors to look up to.”

Outside of the Y, Olivia enjoys spending time with family and friends, camping, fishing, hunting and kayaking. And her special talent? “I can juggle!”