Tai Chi for Health (Advanced Chen 36)

This Tai Chi class will be based on the Chen 36 style, taught by Dr. Paul Lam. It was developed and taught in the Chen Village in the Hunan Province, and is the oldest and parent form of the five main styles of Tai Chi. It is characterized by its lower stances, bursts of power, a mix of hard and soft techniques, and fast and slow movements.

Chen style is the most vigorous of the Tai Chi styles, using internal force and spiral force. The program will also provide some of the history and tradition of this ancient and modern martial art. Participants should wear loose fitting clothes and shoes with good support. The exercise level is equivalent to that of a very brisk walk; and as with all exercise programs, folks planning to participate are asked to consult their doctors before registering for the class.

Cost for Non-Members: $100 for Advanced CHEN 36

Not available in the summer.